Why us?

What makes our services special

Common Questions...

How does engagement with stories and books extend children’s sense of intellectual, social and emotional well-being? What can we deliver parents, families and the wider community? Learning ALOUD programmes show both students and educators how they can:

Develop high quality education services across the county

Use creative writing to provoke creativity and imagination and nurture a love for reading

Explore the world through themes such as race, identity, gender, creativity

Developing Children's Critical Thinking through Storytelling

Understand that all children can grow as competent and confident learners

Relate to storytelling and drama

Social and Emotional Well-Being

Learning ALOUD acknowledge the current research available on the multiple benefits of books in the early years environment is every changing and we will continue to examine new literature as it emerges. Learning ALOUD advises that the role of the adult/educator can influence both the learning potential and the holistic well-being of the child.

Therefore, the objectives of this business is to show adult learners, children and their families how to use the model of ‘Storytelling as Pedagogy’ so that children across Ireland can benefit from this exceptional teaching method.