About Learning ALOUD

Early Childhood Education & Care in Ireland

The LearningALOUD Story

The Learning Aloud website was created in 2020 as a platform to share my learning and research as I embarked on PhD in research at Trinity College Dublin in the School of Education. My research area is early childhood learning and development, focusing on nurturing critical thinking using oral storytelling to stimulate children’s creative imaginations.

For just over three years, the LearningALOUD website has shared information and ideas based on real-world daily experiences in the school environment. The website aims to provide a space for educators, parents, carers and young people who find it helpful to read about different ways of teaching and working with young children to facilitate learning and development in fun and creative ways.

Mission Statements

The Learning Aloud mission is to provide an open and respectful conversation concerning ideas around children’s opportunities to learn and develop at home and in school. The content on the website aims to offer insights and ideas to spark creativity and imagination in the minds of anyone working and spending time with young children.

Keeping Up to Date

Exposure to books and stories and active participation in storytelling help children to make sense of their ever evolving world.