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Dyslexia and Self-Esteem

2nd February 2024

Dyslexia is a word used to describe a learning disability that commonly affects reading, writing and related skills, such as the use of language, articulation and grammar. However, this blog will not examine reading, writing or language use. Instead, it highlights the impact of dyslexia on self-esteem. Understanding how dyslexia…...

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What is Educational Research?

27th April 2023

Have you ever wondered how educators decide to teach the way they teach and why they use the practices they adopt in the classroom to support learning and development? There are many ways to answer this question; your answer will be influenced by your knowledge of the educational system and…...

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What is Research With Children

18th October 2021

As I begin the second year of my Ph.D. in the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, I decided to write a post about different ways children are involved in research. While there are many different opinions on this topic, I thought you might be interested in a few to…...

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Researching through COVID-19

3rd March 2021

Yes, COVID-19 sucks! However, while it might be lonely, there are so many ways to reach out. For example, Zoom, whoever knew it would become part of so many lives? Personally, I love Zoom. Some other platforms, not so much. Zoom has helped me continue to take part in colleague…...

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Would you like to learn how to think critically?

1st November 2020

Critical Thinking In today’s post, I thought I would write about what it is to think critically. But what exactly is critical thinking? let’s start by clarifying the oblivious! All humans think, how else would we ever make a decision. For example, will I get out of bed on this…...

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Learning Stories, Covid-19 through the eyes of your child

14th May 2020

Lately, I have been hearing a lot on social media about the extra burden on parents to step into a teaching role as the ‘home-school educator’. As a parent of older children, I appreciate this is no easy task. Interesting, I have heard very little coverage discussing the opportunity that…...

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Storytelling Activities

11th May 2020

Would you like to extend your child's social, emotional and intellectual learning using story activities? Above all, children love a good story. Their imaginations are active when listening to magical adventures of unknown lands and creatures. But why stop there? The following activities are child-led and work best when they…...

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Delivering your story…

10th May 2020

Storytelling Tips Would you like to become a source of entertainment for your child? During these unpredictable times, the most important message I can offer is to enjoy your time with your children. Stories are a great way to do this because people are hardwired to listen to stories. We…...

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How can we keep our little ones stimulated while in hospital?

1st May 2020

As a Children in Hospital volunteer, I asked a three-year-old, ‘would you like to paint”‘. His mother said, ‘oh wow, I am sure he would love that, he has never painted before’. His dad said, ‘oh it is okay, you don’t need to bother, he will make a mess and…...

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Traditional Storytelling

26th April 2020

Once upon a time... The art of storytelling is one of the oldest cultural universal tools used to share knowledge between humans. Everyone everywhere loves stories. This blog briefly describes the difference between traditional oral storytelling and contemporary storytelling. Traditional Storytelling Traditional storytelling is the art of telling a story…...

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