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Would you like to learn how to think critically?

1st November 2020

Critical Thinking In today’s post, I thought I would write about what it is to think critically. But what exactly is critical thinking? let’s start by clarifying the oblivious! All humans think, how else would we ever make a decision. For example, will I get out of bed on this…...

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Storytelling Activities

11th May 2020

Would you like to extend your child's social, emotional and intellectual learning using story activities? Above all, children love a good story. Their imaginations are active when listening to magical adventures of unknown lands and creatures. But why stop there? The following activities are child-led and work best when they…...

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Delivering your story…

10th May 2020

Storytelling Tips Would you like to become a source of entertainment for your child? During these unpredictable times, the most important message I can offer is to enjoy your time with your children. Stories are a great way to do this because people are hardwired to listen to stories. We…...

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