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Discovering Dyslexia aged 50

11th November 2021

Have you ever suspected you may have dyslexia, but as a child, you never were assessed? Until recently, I had a feeling that I had a learning difficulty but could not clarify exactly what it was. Today, educators often pick up on the early signs of dyslexia in schools, but…...

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Families Learning Together

24th May 2020

When we gather around a good book to tell or listen to a story we feel good. However, what happens when the story is over? We have never had a greater opportunity to extend the time we spend together as a family than in our current circumstances. This post supports…...

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Learning Stories, Covid-19 through the eyes of your child

14th May 2020

Lately, I have been hearing a lot on social media about the extra burden on parents to step into a teaching role as the ‘home-school educator’. As a parent of older children, I appreciate this is no easy task. Interesting, I have heard very little coverage discussing the opportunity that…...

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