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What is Learning ALOUD about?

Storytelling as Pedagogy’ (stories told or read) is a valued educational tool. The Learning ALOUD programmes focus on storytelling as an instrument for supporting intellectual, social and emotional well-being. "Everyone, everywhere loves stories”. Therefore, we can agree that storytelling is indeed a universal language. Learning ALOUD explores the multiple benefits of books and oral storytelling for children and families.The website is a research base that advocates for storytelling and story reading as an instrument for supporting social, emotional and intellectual development.

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Two main aims...

To deliver storytelling programmes ‘Storytelling as Pedagogy’ in the pre-school and primary school setting to foster intellectual, social and emotional development.

To deliver Early Childhood Education and Care Courses to adults in the life-long learning/adult education sector.

Our customers

Children - Learning ALOUD will run storytelling programmes for children aged 4-12.

Families - We nurture and support children and families to learn through stories, discussion, exploration and play.

Latest News

Dyslexia and Self-Esteem

2nd February 2024

Dyslexia is a word used to describe a learning disability that commonly affects reading, writing and related skills, such as the use of language, articulation and grammar. However, this blog will not examine reading, writing or language use. Instead, it highlights the impact of dyslexia on self-esteem. Understanding how dyslexia…...

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The Socratic Method

12th September 2023

Teaching thinking in the classroom Socrates (c.470-399BCE), an early Greek philosopher and teacher, suggested: Thinking is enhanced not by answers but by questions Students learn best when supported to analyse and evaluate concepts Deep questions challenge our assumptions Educators must model intellectual inquiry To summarise a complex topic, all humans…...

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Nurturing critical thinking in young children

23rd May 2023

Scéalta Blog In this week’s Scéalta, Catherine O’Reilly, PhD research student at Trinity College Dublin, discusses how critical thinking relates to early childhood and how we can use storytelling to give children in Early Years settings the same opportunities as older children to learn how to communicate, collaborate, be creative…...

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What is Educational Research?

27th April 2023

Have you ever wondered how educators decide to teach the way they teach and why they use the practices they adopt in the classroom to support learning and development? There are many ways to answer this question; your answer will be influenced by your knowledge of the educational system and…...

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Keeping up to date

Exposure to books and stories and active participation in storytelling help children to make sense of their ever evolving world.

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