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What is Learning ALOUD about?

Storytelling as Pedagogy’ (stories told or read) is a valued educational tool. The Learning ALOUD programmes focus on storytelling as an instrument for supporting intellectual, social and emotional well-being. "Everyone, everywhere loves stories”. Therefore, we can agree that storytelling is indeed a universal language. Learning ALOUD explores the multiple benefits of books and oral storytelling for children and families.The website is a research base that advocates for storytelling and story reading as an instrument for supporting social, emotional and intellectual development.

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Childhood Education and Care

About Learning Aloud


Holistic, Relational and Inclusive

About Learning Aloud

Two main aims...

To deliver storytelling programmes ‘Storytelling as Pedagogy’ in the pre-school and primary school setting to foster intellectual, social and emotional development.

To deliver Early Childhood Education and Care Courses to adults in the life-long learning/adult education sector.

Our customers

Children - Learning ALOUD will run storytelling programmes for children aged 4-12.

Families - We nurture and support children and families to learn through stories, discussion, exploration and play.

Latest News

Discovering Dyslexia aged 50

11th November 2021

Have you ever suspected you may have dyslexia, but as a child, you never were assessed? Until recently, I had a feeling that I had a learning difficulty but could not clarify exactly what it was. Today, educators often pick up on the early signs of dyslexia in schools, but…...

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What is Research With Children

18th October 2021

As I begin the second year of my Ph.D. in the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, I decided to write a post about different ways children are involved in research. While there are many different opinions on this topic, I thought you might be interested in a few to…...

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Researching through COVID-19

3rd March 2021

Yes, COVID-19 sucks! However, while it might be lonely, there are so many ways to reach out. For example, Zoom, whoever knew it would become part of so many lives? Personally, I love Zoom. Some other platforms, not so much. Zoom has helped me continue to take part in colleague…...

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Would you like to learn how to think critically?

1st November 2020

Critical Thinking In today’s post, I thought I would write about what it is to think critically. But what exactly is critical thinking? let’s start by clarifying the oblivious! All humans think, how else would we ever make a decision. For example, will I get out of bed on this…...

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Exposure to books and stories and active participation in storytelling help children to make sense of their ever evolving world.

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